Omnispool Linecare Box
Omnispool Linecare Box on Switchbox
Omnispool Linecare Box spool

Omnispool Linecare Box

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Here’s a useful add on to the product range, the Omnispool Linecarebox. Flylines get scaly, salty and sticky which detracts from their casting and shooting efficiency, plus we’ve probably all put away a line uncleaned after a trip once the fun’s over, only to find it in a sorry state when we come to use it the next time. Whether you’re a couple of days into a trip or putting your gear to bed for a while, go with the Linecarebox’s Double C treatment:

C1 – the line is scrubbed clean in the first half of the box

C2 –  then coated in the second as it passes back into the Switchbox. That in itself isn’t a new concept, but the Linecarebox is a piece of line maintenance kit designed to clip onto the Omnispool Switchbox, meaning that once again, you don’t need the extra hand you haven’t got.