GT Brush Red GTB07

GT Brush Red GTB07

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Our Signature GT flies can be used for many larger Game Species.  Combining saddle hackle and Craft Fur flash highlighted brushes with over sized eyes is the success behind these flies.  They are tied on the Gamkatsu SC15-2H and SL12S heavy game hooks to withstand the brutal pull of the many larger species they will entice.  Both patterns have either large mono loop tail guards or buck tail guards to stop tail wrapping.

The DB popper uses Flymens Double Barrel Popping Heads, which create a huge popping disturbance during the retrieve to bring up large GT’S, Pelagic's and other Game fish species.

HOOK: SC15-2H # 5/0
HOOK: SL12S #6/0
EYE: Silver 12mm

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