Clear Intermediate
Clear Intermediate

Clear Intermediate

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The Tropic Plus Series Clear Intermediate is designed for targeting fish in deeper water. A thinner line profile of the full intermediate fly line is ideal for casting in windy conditions. Our signature Tropic Plus coating keeps the fly line slick and easy to handle in the heat of summer. The ideal line for when Tarpon, Permit, and Snook are holding well below the surface.

- Full Clear
- Easy Casting
- Full Intermediate

WATER: Saltwater
DENSITY: Intermediate
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Monofilament
SPECIES: Tarpon / Snook / Redfish / Permit / Trigger Fish

Saltwater Intermediate Weight Forward Monofilament

WF 7 200gr 41ft 100ft
WF 8 225gr 41ft 100ft
WF 9 260gr 41ft 100ft
WF 10 305gr 41ft 100ft
WF 11 355gr 41ft 100ft
WF 12 415gr 41ft 100ft


Our Tropic Plus Clear Intermediate is the perfect choice for the angler looking to cover the middle water column in deeper channels, heavy currents, flats or the surf.

We built this line to feature a 41 ft. extended head that excels in both short and long range casts. The 3 ft. front taper will turn over a variety of fly sizes and weighted flies. The 31 ft. back taper excels is ideal for carrying line in the air and accurate presentations.

This line features a monofilament core and our signature tropic plus coating for withstanding the hottest temperatures while still remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The thinner overall diameter excels at casting through windy conditions. This line is finished in a clear color for ultimate stealth on the flats or surf.

Whether you are targeting Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook or Redfish on the Flats, fishing turbid water or casting from the beach our Tropic Plus Clear Intermediate has you covered.

SPECIES: Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Permit, Trigger Fish