Alphlexo Crab saltwater fly AC15
Alphlexo Crab saltwater fly AC15

Alphlexo Crab AC15

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We are continually evolving this exceptional pattern and style of crab through guidance and advice from the guides and operators around the world who are testing and improving on the Alphlexo’s performance.  The pattern is primarily designed for Flats fishing but has proven itself in many other fishing situations such as deep-water fishing and fishing in the surf in heavier weights and larger sizes.  It has accounted for numerous species in both saltwater, for what it was originally designed, but recently has been very effective on freshwater species that eat crabs.  Our range offers different colours, sizes and weights from Micro size 8’s to 1/0 in the relative colour options to cover any situation.
Body: Tan 
Legs: Fine
Hook Size: #8
Hooks: SL11-3H / 21711NSL-BL
Tungsten: 3mm 

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