Kraken Mantis Saltwater fly Tan
Kraken Mantis saltwater fly Tan KM12

Kraken Mantis Tan KM12

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The Kraken range of flies embodies the more suggestive and rustic look combining fine rubber legs into a rough brush body.  The Kraken style of fly has proven very effective on many species from Triggers, Bonefish, Blue Bastards and Permit.  A great fly to have when experiencing occasional refusals on the Alphlexo.

Our Cray tail Mantis and crab patterns offer a different presentation and profile.  Only to be fished on sand.  Do NOT fish these flies in coral or grass as this is a short book that ends in tears.  They offer a defensive posture and kick up sand as they shimmy left and right on the retrieve.  They have proven very effective on sand flats.  Hence the colours which are mainly tan and rustic browns.


WEIGHT : 4mm Tungsten, 3mm Tungsten